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  • How Do I Book Parking Spot?
    It's easy to use the Kerblet parking app to book a parking spot. Follow these steps to reserve a parking space. Step-1 : On the below parking map screen, choose the location you want to parking in by clicking the parking location photo. Parking locations are shown based on where your phone's GPS indicates it is. You can also look for parking by entering the address in the search box. Step-2 :When you click on the picture of the parking spot, as shown in the step-1 above, the screen for reserving parking will open like below picture. Step-3 :Scroll down to learn more about the parking spot you've chosen, and scroll up at the bottom of the screen to book parking with fewer details. Here, you have to enter the Parking Start time, Vehicle Number and choose how long you want to park for. You can book parking up to 4 hours in advance. . Step - 4 :Once you enter the duration you want to park for and choose the vehicle you registered in the app, the amount of your parking fee will be displayed. If everything looks good, click the "Reserve" button to move forward with the payment. It will give you three ways to pay for it.
  • Is My Parking Reservation Refundable?
    Yes, Please read our Section 8 Refund and Cancellation Policy in Terms of Service page. 8. Refund and Cancellation Policy ​ Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. In the event, if you are displeased with the services provided, we will refund back the money, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation. Please read the fine prints of each deal before buying it, it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase. ​ a. Cancellation Policy ​ Parking user can cancel their reservation anytime before check-in . Please read our refund policy before cancelling reservations. Parking User can’t cancel after checked-in. ​ b. Refund Policy We will try our best to get a suitable Parking lots in and around multiple cities for our customers. We provide refund our parking users in case of following events. ​ We refund 100% of Parking reservation amount to Parking User in case Parking User cancel un-confirmed Parking reservation. We refund 100% of Parking reservation amount to Parking User in case Parking Lot Owner cancel un-confirmed Parking reservation. We refund 100% of Parking reservation amount to Parking User in case Parking Lot owner cancel Confirmed or unconfirmed Parking reservations. We refund Parking reservation amount – (minus) penalty on total Parking reservation amount as a cancellation fee for cancellations of all manual confirmed parking reservations by Parking User. Our parking lot owners make sure you get a lot you reserved on your arrival hence our parking lot owners are entitle to receive the cancellation fee after honoring your reservation by their manual confirmation. In case of Auto Confirmed reservation cancellations no fee will be charged to Parking User. NO refund of any type will be provided for Parking reservations that are self-ended by Parking User after Check-In and before specified time. NO refund of any type will be provided in case Auto cancelled Parking Reservations because of “No Show” in duration Of Reservation. No-Show Meaning : a person who has made a reservation but neither use nor cancels it. We refund 100% Parking Reservation Amount in event you checked-in but you have been asked by parking Owner to leave the parking lot before to end of your reservation time. ​ If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of payment gateway name payments refund will be made to the same account.
  • What is Auto Confirm of Parking Reservation?
    When a Kerblet Parking operator puts his parking space on auto pilot mode, any parking reservations are straightaway confirmed based on the number of parking spaces can be reserved at that location. You'll be notified that your Kerblet reservation is automatically confirmed, and then you're informed when it's time to check in. Please see screen shot below for notification example.
  • Where do I see my parking refund receipt?
    To access your refund receipt, navigate to the Reservation screen by clicking the calendar icon in the bottom app navigation bar, then select the completed tab to open the reservation record, and then scroll to the bottom of the screen to view "Refund Details" Please review our refund policy for further information.
  • What is "No Show" Parking Reservation Cancellation?
    Kerblet permits users 10 minutes from the reservation's start time to check-in at the parking location; otherwise, the reservation is canceled as "No Show" and appropriate refund is issued according to our refund policy, and that lot is made immediately available to other customers. To pay and park at same location, users must rebook their parking reservation. To avoid No Show cancellation and any inconvenience please check-in within above specified 10 min. of grace time.
  • How can see my Parking Payment Receipts?
    To access parking payment receipts click on burger icon at the top left side of the app screen and then click on "payment receipts" option from the menu and then select the payment receipt from the list to expand the one you want to see it.
  • How can I add and use parking passes from the in-app pass wallet?
    Kerblet provides an in-app parking pass wallet. This wallet can store an unlimited number of digital parking passes, which can be one-time or multi-use passes. A one-time parking pass never expires and remains active until utilized. A one-time pass can only be used once and is then removed from your wallet. Add Pass to Wallet Manually : To add to your wallet, simply enter the passcode issued to you and press the add button. It will be added to your wallet after validation. View all Passes Use Passes : Simply scan the QR code placed at the parking space to use your pass. QR codes are traditionally printed on Kerblet Parking signage. Just press the QR icon in the app's bottom navigation bar, choose a vehicle, and scan it (phone device). To scan the QR code, you must have camera permission.
  • How can I register a vehicle in the Kerblet Parking App?
    To make parking reservations, you must first register your vehicle in the Kerblet parking app. If you skipped the step add vehicle step during your first time user account registration prompts, please follow the following steps to register your vehicle. Click on the vehicle "car" icon at the app's bottom navigation bar and then follow the on-screen prompts to enter information and a vehicle photo before saving the data entered. You can upload multiple pictures of your vehicle, but at least one must show your license plate. You can also add an unlimited number of vehicles and delete vehicle records that are no longer in use.
  • How can I change the language of the app?
    Of course, you can change the language of parking app. Kerblet focuses mainly towards the Indian market, and the app is available in three different languages: English, Hindi, and Marathi. We intend on releasing the app in more regional languages in the future. To change the app language, click on the burger icon on the left top side of the app and then select the app setting option from the drawer menu. The first two options apply exclusively to parking operators and not to users. Then, please select a language by hitting the button and select language of your choice as show in picture below.
  • What is Parking Attendant Assisted Pay & Park?
    The parking attendants are on duty at the majority of Kerblet locations. If you are a registered Kerblet parking app user, you can park at one of the Kerblet parking spaces. If you are in a hurry and want to avoid the in-app Pay & park process, simply approach Kerblet parking attendant for payment and receive a digital parking permit in your in-app wallet. Once you've received your pass, simply scan it and go. For your convenience, below is the process flow. The Kerblet Parking attendants will always be dressed in uniform, and in most cases, they won't accept cash payments.
  • How Can I Contact Kerblet Customer Service?
    Kerblet's customer support is accessible around the clock via whatsapp at +91 9975555888 or by visiting the company's website and making use of the chat function there. You can also go to the settings page of the app and click the button labeled "Customer Helpline."
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